Monday, January 14, 2013

Laurel Canyon Dreams........

 I love looking inside people's houses ! Don't you? I swear, Im still trying to get inside my neighbor's amazing spanish castle- its so huge its really like a castle !
But anyway, im so happy to have found these images!
They are beautiful photos of Kristen Korven and Derek Wheeler James' AMAZING Laurel Canyon Home- which i found on Design Sponge

 I'm dying over that plant hanger! Nasker- this has your name all over it!
Lets get to it!

WOWIE!, Right??!!!!
I caught a few glimpses of this house on instagram and i am so happy to finally see more!
They really did a beautiful job and i wouldnt change one thing- except maybe now im gonna go home and change a few things in MY home !
For more photos and the full article- click here

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